English Conversation with Kelli Scott

English Conversation with Kelli Scott


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Instructor: Kelli Scott      Email: scottkelli48@gmail.com

This summer class will be held in person at International House Davis every Thursday from 12pm - 1pm. You will need an I-House Learning Pass to attend this group after the first free trial class.

Please click here to purchase a Learning Pass.


          Kelli teaches English to speakers of other languages. She studied for her MAEd TESOL at Sonoma State University and worked in her first adult ESL classroom at Santa Rosa Junior College in 2015. Her first volunteer English teaching experience was in Heredia, Costa Rica while she was a UC Davis student abroad in 2010. She now works as a freelance content editor and personal tutor, beginning for 5 years in New York City and currently here in Davis, CA. She is a co-founder of Small Action Company and the Tahoe Bikini Project and she loves everything creative - knitting, crochet, painting, photography and floral design. 




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