Learning English with VR


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Instructor: Çağrı Güzel

Email: mcguzel@ucdavis.edu

This class will be held in person at International House Davis every Monday from 10:30AM - 12:00PM. You will need an I-House Learning Pass to attend this group after the first free trial class. Please click here to purchase a Learning Pass.

Learners will experience a unique immersive learning environment that combines creative acting exercises with virtual reality simulations (YES! With VR headset!). This special mix of activities aims to help students improve their speaking and communication skills by practicing real-time conversations, negotiation, and self-expression. Whether you want to enhance your everyday communication, become more effective in professional interactions, or simply explore a new and exciting way to learn, this course offers valuable tools and experiences that will benefit you in all walks of life.

Please be aware that this class is part of a research project. Participants' responses will be collected as research data, and all information will remain anonymous. To participate, you'll need to sign the consent form provided by the instructor. Due to the limited number of VR headsets available, please contact Yun at yun@ihousedavis.org to register.


    Çağrı Güzel is a PhD Candidate in Education at University of California, Davis, specializing in technology-enhanced language learning within the Language, Literacy, and Culture Emphasis Area. Their research uniquely integrates immersive technologies and improv practices into second-language acquisition, influenced by wide-ranging international experiences and cultural immersion. Güzel's innovative educational methodologies are further augmented by specialized training in improv strategies from Northern California's top comedy school, infusing their scholarly work with dynamic and creative pedagogical approaches to language education.

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